Transactional Funding Video Examples

This Instructional video will explain how

a successful transactional funding

real estate deal works!

 Transactional Funding Video Series Explaining

The Usage Of Transactional Funding!

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 This short sale deal was closed using transactional funding and the real estate investor made a net

profit of $61,338.39

 These transactional funding video examples show each different real estate investor deals successfully using transactional funding lenders to make large profits with no money of their own to close the deals.

$27,308.44 Net profit was made using a

transactional funding companies money.

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 Many real estate investors would never be able to buy and sell properties

with our the use of transactional funding. Here is another investor who

used a transactional funding lenders money to

net a profit of $9260.40

$6,127.13 Profit using only transactional funding to do the deal.

Transactional Funding Video Examples that continue to show how profits are made using transactional funding.

Check out this video

$43,916.40 Profit

to the real estate investor.

The above transactional funding video example shows how a REO was purchased to net

$9821.80 profit.

$25,498 Profit Using Transactional Funding.

You can watch and listen how this deal was put together in this transactional funding video example.

Transactional Funding Video example Explains this $10,189.37 Profit!

Transactional Funding $14,934.20 Profit Video Explanation To be a successful real estate investor takes money but it does not have to be yours!

$17,452.00 Profit Netted With Transactional Funding. These Transactional funding videos are more than just an explanation of transactional funding they are a many series of real estate investing deals and how to get them done.

No Money, No Credit, No Risk

Listed property purchased under list price through a realtor after offering “highest and best multiple offer situation” The second offer was just slightly higher than the first one. Once the property was contracted the transactional funding took care of the money needed to do the double closing and close the deal!

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Can real estate investors buy probate investment properties with no money of their own and no earnest money deposits in the deal?

Watch this real estate investor use a double closing and other peoples money to create a profit of $21623.00

REO Deal using Transactional Funding explained on the HUD-!