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Transactional Funding Reviews

In the following transactional funding reviews you will see real lender transactions by actual investors and specifically what these transactions look like on either a HUD Statement or the CD (Closing Document).

The “CD” is a relatively new lending requirement that must be used in transactions where conventional lenders are lending to end-buyers who will live in the property.

Many closing agents continue to use the old HUD-1 Closing Statement because real estate  investor transactions are either with cash buyers or with hard money lenders who loan the end-buyers who will not live in the property.

If you spend the time and carefully review the videos in each of the Deal Talk videos you’ll find tips and techniques that every real estate investor can use to save or make more money on their real estate transactions.

When you review these transactional funding videos, remember these closings are lender transactions where there is No Money from the investor No Credit needed and No Risk to the investor.

Let’s begin and look at a review of each of the first 10 deals in this Deal Talk Series.

We’ll be looking at three categories – The Deal Talk Number and the Profits on Deal # 1 and Deal #2 within each Deal Talk.

The Average profit on all these deals combined was $24,222,12

While the above transactional funding reviews covered the first 5 Deal Talks, it’s point is to get you to listen to the entire videos in each of the examples.

Listening to my entire verbiage in each video will give you invaluable clues about how we did each deal and how you can do the same.

I wish you limitless success in all you do,



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Deal Talk #1 –

Deal #1 – $11,653.32 Profit – A Drug House where the investor got a $90,000 price reduction.

Deal #2 – $20,545.22 Profit – Example of no EMD by Student and a 17% Net profit on the sale with no money.



Deal Talk #2 –

Deal #1 – $35,252.16 Profit – $380k purchase price with no money in the deal by Student.

Deal #2 – $34,750.26 – EMD lost by first buyer gave Student funds to “lipstick” the property for one week and make a 6 x larger profit than with the first buyer.



Deal Talk #3 –

Deal #1 – $29,125.64 Profit – This closing statement is on a HUD and needed $434,281.74 to close but done with no money.

Deal #2 –  $12,168.69 Profit – These transactions were done on CD’s and show an “unusual” $8k credit to a third party.



Deal Talk #4 –

Deal #1 – $28,388.51 Profit – First HUD showed an Assignment Fee that had to be changed because it was “Too Large”.

Deal #2 – $17,924.00 Profit – SFH that was a rental property (rent and Security credit) on the HUD and No EMD as usual



Deal Talk #5 –

Deal #1 – $17,144.24 Profit – A – B and B – C closing agents were different and A – B listing agent required $5k EMD from Student.

Deal #2 – $35,268.17 Profit – $395k purchase price, no EMD on the A – B HUD and end-buyer put up $20,000 EMD – No Money except EMD from Student


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Deal Talk #6 –

Deal #1 – $35,892.47  Profit – A – B has no EMD, B-C has a $5000 EMD  closing using transactional funding to fund the real estate wholesale deal.

Deal #2 – $15,420.94  Profit – No EMD on the A – B Side and got a $10000 repair credit, $20000 EMD on the B – C side.




Deal Talk #7 –

Deal #1 – $12,610.66 Profit – $5000 EMD on the A – B side. $10000 EMD on the B – C side.

Deal #2 – $12,114.50 Profit – $6500 EMD on the A – B side, $5000 EMD on the B- C side. This is backwards and not recommended the B- C side EMD should always be larger than the A – B side.






Deal Talk #8 –

Deal #1 – $19,067.95 Profit – REO purchased and wholesaled using transactional funding
Deal #2 – $14,427.22 Profit – EMD $5000 on the B-C side of the deal.



Deal Talk #9 –

Deal #1 – $18,718.42 Profit – Transfer of beneficial interest of a land trust. No EMD on the A- B , but the B – C had a $20,000 EMD in case of default on the deal.
Deal #2 – $33,181.61 Profit – No EMD on this deal because the buyer and seller  new each other.



Deal Talk #10 –

Deal #1 – $13,447.72 Profit – $5000 EMD from end buyer.
Deal #2 – $12,990.72 Profit – $No EMD on this deal.



Deal Talk #1-10 Reviewed Transactional Funding Deals

When you review these Deal Talk videos remember these real estate investing deals were all done with no money, no credit, and no risk. Because the investors were using transactional funding techniques explained.



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