Transactional Funding Borrowers Testimonial


$55,000 Profit Using Transactional Funding

Lender and NO MONEY of his own!

John Aaron has been a real estate investor with no experience prior to 12 months ago.  He joined Dave Dinkel’s Mentoring Program and learned the secrets of doing deals with no money, no credit and no risk.  John is an exceptional Student but “Why not you?”


John has been using transactional funding lenders to close the A – B leg of his double closings so he needs no money to buy and hold the property as his end-buyer (“C”) is funding the B – C leg of the transaction immediately after the A – B closing.


Transactional funding is the process where an investor uses the Transactional Funding Lenders’s money to fund the A – B closing so he can come to the closing table with no money and still make profits in real estate investing.


The deal John has that is closing where he will make $55,000 that he mentioned in the video is for a property that sold for over one million dollars.  If this was a traditional transaction, John would have needed this full amount to close and then resell it to an end-buyer.  However, John used and no money of his own to close. 


Why not you?

Transactional Funding Solves A New Real Estate Investors Problem Of

No Money, No Credit and No Prior Experience With Net Result Of A $79,000 Profit!


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Transactional Funding House Flipping Makes $104,492.88 Profit!


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Barbara Niswonger

Closing Manager, Sun Coast Title

“Thanks to Dave Dinkel having the funds to help my investors who otherwise might lose a deal, because their funds are tied up and they could lose a sale. Dave is easy to work with and gets fair interest for short term funds. Thanks Dave Dinkel you’re the best!”


Marc Shomberg,

Closing Manager, Independence Title, Inc.

“Working with Dave Dinkel makes transactional funding very easy. He’s attentive and quick and easy to work with for our mutual clients.”

Gustavo De Zendegui, Esq.

Zendegui Law Group

“As a real estate attorney with nearly twenty years of experience and having closing thousands of real estate transactions using transactional funding, I can state with complete confidence that Dave Dinkel is by far the best transactional lender there is. He provides superior service, quick responses and competitive rates.  Don’t be fooled by other “lenders” who tell you that they can provide the transactional funds, only to learn on the day closing that they can’t.  Don’t make a rookie mistake and trust your deal to an untested lender, use someone that will make sure your deal closes and you get paid.”


Michael Bluem, Owner

Title Now

“I have using Dave Dinkel for all of my transactional funding needs for over 4 years now. I refer all of my investor clients to him because, his fees are reasonable, he funds fast, minimal paperwork, and extremely easy to deal with. I highly recommend him for all your transactional funding needs.”


Stacy Brown, Closing Manager

Florida Cash Home Buyers

“Dave has always been a huge help to our organization!  It’s so nice to know that he is on stand by for all of our transactional funding needs and get’s us what is needed quickly and efficiently.  We know we can count on him when needed and consider him a huge asset for our team, as should all investors.  Thanks for all you do!”


Wayne Willis
One of the fears of many newbie real estate investors is “how can I invest in real estate if I have no money?” However, transactional funding eliminates that fear. For every deal in which I have to double close, Dave Dinkel’s Transactional Funding FL has been and will continue to be my “go to” source for my transactional funding needs. The process is seamless and there’s never been a hitch. Using this resource will allow you to make money investing without having your own money, or without using your own money. No money, no credit, not risk. That’s the mantra. Thanks Dave for providing this valuable resource.

John Patton
Dave has provided me with transactional funding countless times. Always fast, always professional, and I can always count on him. I’ve also used him for hard money and his rates are the best and he is fair. I would highly recommend his company to anyone needing funding…he’s the best!
Patton Investment Properties
Miami Home Source

Victoria V
The amount of knowledge Dave provides in real estate investing is incredible. Through out the entire process of a real estate investment transaction Dave helps coach you from start to close in a calm/confident manner. If you’re looking for transactional funding I highly recommend you pick up the phone and call Dave today!!

Cheron Thornton
Dave is easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and funds quickly. I contacted Dave on a Thursday night for a closing on Monday. He got back to me quickly, helped me with extremely helpful advice, and completely handled the funding of the transaction with the title company. If it was not for Dave’s help this transaction would have been further delayed and may have fallen apart all together. AND he is very affordable, alot more than other transactional funding companies that I have used. Thanks again Dave for a great funding experience.

Home Solutions Fla LLC
The best transactional funding rates in Florida are here! I paid just a 1 point fee and my deal was covered 100%. I have had several deals funded and will continue to use this service for my real estate funding. By the way, thanks Dave for looking over that last deal and pointing out the error on the closing document that I missed. Not only are the transactional funding rates good but you get an experienced dependable real estate investor looking at the deal with you. Dave Dinkel’s knowledge in real estate investing impresses me every time I talk to him.

Gustavo de zendeui
As a real estate attorney that works closely with investors, I can state without any reservation that Dave is the easiest and quickest funder that exist. He is an expert in investor deals and will be able to make an instant decision on your funding. In addition to being easy to work with, his rates are the best out there.

David Ligon
I use Dave exclusively for all my deals. Easy to work with, best rates you’ll ever find and a super nice guy. Always goes smooth, highly recommended!

Aisha Moodie
Utilizing transactional funding from Dave Dinkel has always been an easy and hassle free experience. Dave is always willing to provide funding for me even at the last minute. Having a reliable source for funding is a must to be successful in the Real Estate Investing business. Not having to worry about where the money is coming from to close lucrative Real Estate deals makes a world of a difference. Dave’s transactional funding has allowed me to close Real Estate transactions with no money in the deal. Dave is an absolute pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend him for transactional funding.

anthony l
I have been using Dave’s funding for many years now. It used to be that I saw deals every day and thought I couldn’t close them. This is when the funding changed my business from a few deals a year to many. …More

Joe Sauter
Dave Dinkel provided transactional funding to me and one of my partners last year (2015). It was a smooth process. He funded our deal right away. We closed the deal and made 30k on a quick buy, renovate, and flip deal. I’d highly recommend Dave Dinkel when it comes to transactional funding. I also believe he would be an excellent real estate mentor. Whether you’re a new and/or seasoned investor I’m sure you will learn a lot from Dave as I have. Dave is very personal + hands on with over 40 years of real estate experience!

Harry Arthur
There is NO OTHER CHOICE ANYWHERE for transactional funding!!! These are the go to funding professionals!!

Excellent customer service and most importantly reliable funding on time every time!!

Great time with this funding quick easy and the most reasonable funding I have found to date!

George CancioBello
A great business partner, friend, and leader. A+++