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Let us help you get ready for your next deals closing with transactional funding!

Please fill out the form completely in order to be considered for funding. One of the main differences and benefit from working with our lending team is how FAST and RELIABLE we are. We can fund your project and manage rehab funds disbursement very efficiently. Please complete a few questions below and we will contact you ASAP.

  • Transactional Funding Request Form

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  • We attempt to return all calls the same day. If you do not hear from us the same day or you have questions, call 954-274-1003 and ask for Dave Dinkel

Terms and Conditions

Above Funding Fees apply only to a closing agent of our choice who does both the A – B and B – C closing transactions.  It may be possible for one of our Preferred Closing Agents to close the B – C leg while another closing agent closes the A – B, however, these transactions must be approved at least one week in advance.


Our Preferred Closing Agent(s) may charge wire fees, doc prep or other fees that are not part of our Transactional Funding Fee – check with the closing agent before closing if any of these fees apply.


**Transactional funding from both lender and buyer will only be done by Domestic Wires – no checks, cashier’s checks, money orders or other paper payment methods are allowed. 


Funds from the “C” buyer must have been wired into the closing agent’s escrow account prior to Transactional Funds being wired.  Funding must be available at the time of the closing so it is the responsibility of the “B” investor/buyer to reserve the funds with us for his closing. 


If the closing does not take place for any reason, the investor/buyer will be charged $300.  If funds are required to be kept in the closing agent’s escrow account because the property didn’t close timely, the investor/buyer will be charged the greater of $250/diem or 20% of the base funding fee/diem until the transaction closes. 


All documentation for the closing, including the Transactional Funding Agreement and Funding Request Form, must be in the hands of the closing agent and Heritage Realty Services, Inc. at least 24 hours prior to the funding of the transaction.


The Transactional Funding Agreement will be sent to the investor and closing agent only after the investor has been approved for the transaction.


In the event that the Transactional Funding is committed to by HRS, but does not provide funds timely for a closing, HRS or its affiliates are not responsible for any economic loss to the Investor/buyer if the transaction does not close because of the fault of HRS, the investor/buyer or the end-buyer. 


Dave Dinkel and Heritage Realty Services, Inc. are lenders exempt under FS CH494-00115.
We DO NOT offer loans for owner-occupied properties, second or vacation homes, or for personal, family or household uses.  We only do Business to Business investor loans.

Check for any additional Terms and Conditions that may be applicable when you apply for funding, above rates are effective 3/1/2015.