How to Get FREE Real Estate Proof of Funds

What is Real Estate Proof of Funds Letter and why is it needed?

Free Real Estate Proof of Funds, or simply a POF, is an official document or a statement issued by a financial institution, usually a bank.

A Free Real Estate Proof of Funds letter basically shows that a party is willing to carry out a financial transaction, and has the means to go through with it. In other words, it has the funds needed to close the deal.




The bank of the account holder usually provides a Proof of Funds (POF). It is in the form of an official letter from the bank and would usually cover a specific transaction. This is enough to satisfy the selling party, in that it assures them that there is ready cash available in the bank account. It is instantly available, and above all, the money is legitimate.

A free proof of funds letter is also used during the enhancement process of applying for a line of credit or mortgage. It is also required when one party is trying to engage another party for doing business or acquiring assets.

A POF should ideally, and generally is, based on a cash account balance. However, when a prospective purchaser lacks the credit worthiness, he can opt for a joint venture with another party that has cash available. This allows the first party to acquire a debt based asset. Of course, the second party or the cash contributor charges a fee for this service. This cash based account also serves to enhance the perceived credit worthiness of the purchaser.

With the enhanced credit worthiness perception because of the Proof of Funds letter, the original seller or third party feels more secure doing business with the purchaser knowing that he has the financial capability to carry out the transaction.

Unlike a Bank Statement, a POF letter does not typically show the opening or the closing balance of the account. There is no history of transactions either. It also does not show the outstanding loans associated with the account, or the credit cards pertaining to it. A POF letter only shows that there are legitimate funds available in an account, which would be enough to complete a specific financial transaction.

Sometimes a so-called “Instant Proof of Funds letter” is required mostly when one is planning to carry out a real estate transaction involving REOs (Real Estate Owned assets by bank). This is a property that has been previously foreclosed by the bank and has become available on the market.  The bank and current owner mat require a POF letter as of the date of the contract submission.

When a prospective buyer is making a purchase offer for such a real estate property, he may be required to submit a pre-qualification letter, which shows that he does have the cash required for closing the deal. Here, the prospective purchase may use a Free Real Estate Proof of Funds Letter, which is offered by a few companies.

The ultimate goal of an investor, who has bought a REO property, is to sell it to another buyer after as quickly as possible. The difference between the buying price and the selling price is his net profit. This is called a “wholesale flip” deal and the best wholesale flip deal is one that is completed in a single day.  In order to carry out a wholesale flip deal, an investor would need a free proof of funds letter for a day.

There are many organizations and entities that are aware of this need of the investors and are ready to provide instant Proof of Funds letters.

This not only fulfills the needs of REO investors, but also caters to just about any kind of transactional needs.

Looking for a Proof of Funds Letter for your Real Estate Transaction?


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Everyone comes in contact with investing into real estate of some kind or another in his or her lives. Whether it’s the inevitable task of buying a home or setting up a commercial business, real estate sellers often decide to request a proof of funds from a buyer. As mentioned earlier, a proof of funds is a letter that basically is most often a bank statement that proves that a person has the requisite financial ability and liquidity to fund a certain transaction. This document is essential in real estate transactions for quickly wholesale flipping a house that involves a sophisticated seller or a Realtor®. The reason for banks requiring a proof of funds letter is to make sure that the person is legitimately able to pay for their transaction.

It is not that banks will not accept your request with a conventional funds request with no Real Estate proof of funds letter. However, banks will always choose a request that would close on the date required, is paid in cash, and has a proof of funds to back it up as compared to a financing option. This is also true if the latter is a lower priced option than the former, simply because it is much more logical to accept a Real Estate proof of funds backed offer of financial liquidity than a financially ambiguous one.

This is where we come in because from our potential investors’ standpoint, we are your ever-reliable partners. You will observe for yourself that we are currently your best option out there for several reasons. Let’s look at these one by one, so that you may get a clearer idea of what we do and why you should choose us. First of all, in very simple terms, we offer our potential clients a FREE Proof of Funds letter. Yes, you read that right. And not only that, but in addition to this, we also offer a FREE Letter of Credit (“LOC”). Furthermore, we make the letter available for all transactional funding. You can then use our Real Estate Proof of Funds Letter with its accompanying Letter of Credit for a quick wholesale flip. This makes you a serious financial player in the real estate market, as it is almost impossible to get short sales and REO transactions approved without a proof of funds letter. Not only that, but this offer also gives you the advantage of financial confidence in performing any deal you wish, be it probate deals, REO’s (bulk and otherwise), wholesale deals and short sales; whether they are residential or even commercial.

And because we define free as “really” free, we won’t ask you for credit check or income verification. In fact, rather than this, our interest lies in the end buyer. This concern is for the funds from the end-buyer, entirety of the funds, the irrelevance of LTV to us, zero upfront fees and no requirement for an appraisal; all these aimed at making your transactional adventure simple and painless. However, proof funds requests where a buyer may seek a loan have certain credit worthiness requirements. In order to apply for a Real Estate proof of funds all you have to do is to fill out a request form, which requires certain information. This includes your first and last name, telephone number, email address, company name, property info type, the property’s address, your basic location info, and the amount you wish to request of your needed proof of funds. Additionally, we strongly advise potential transactional funding lenders to read our terms and conditions carefully to ensure clarity and an informed customer.

As if the above-mentioned benefits were not enough to convince any potential customers of the reliability of our services, we believe that when making such decisions, you should be fully aware and well informed of every aspect of the lending process.  For those of you looking to acquire a Real Estate proof of funds letter, we listed all the benefits of possessing a letter that represents a proof of your “funding partner’s” proof of funds. Let’s start with the most important ones, so that you can get an idea of the actual processes of acquiring a proof of funds letter, and be aware of the particularly dangerous risks when indulging in such an activity, so that you don’t face any trouble when you most need the money.

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Be careful when making online transactions



Technology has not only provided benefits but there are also some masked disadvantages in it. Online transactions are considered a core of all the online businesses. For carrying out online transactions, both buyers and sellers should be careful.  Some of the transactions can become the victim of frauds and viruses. These scammers are used to doing fake transactions, of robbing buyers and sometimes they are so harmful that they destroy the complete process of online transactions. In this way, both buyers and sellers should remain careful while caring out the business negotiation.

Avoid fake transactions

Occasionally in real estate transactions, a buyer creates or agrees to purchase a property when he does not have the money to close.  The seller panics and often reduces his price to get the deal closed.  But if the scammer couldn’t sell the deal to another investor who actually has the money to close, the deal is dead. This causes a lot of problems for the entire real estate community. To avoid such potential issues, a proof of funds letter is highly recommended. By using a proof of funds letter, both the selling and the buying parties get the complete document of proof. This creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty between both the parties, making things easy and simple for everyone involved.

Other benefits of Real Estate proof of funds

Consider yourself a capitalist who is about to make a deal related to property with a consumer. If you were not sure of whether the consumer will be able to pay the required amount of the money, then would you feel comfortable in carrying out the deal? No, obviously, you wouldn’t. So, in this type of situation, a proof of funds is the finest thing. It is also the most convenient, hassle-free, and reliable method of ensuring that the customer you are dealing with pays you the amount that is due to you. By checking the proof of funds letter of consumer, capitalists do not hesitate in making the deal. The basic benefit of a Real Estate proof of funds lies in the surety of it all.This surety is provided by the buying party, and is basically a guarantee to the inquiring party. This way, both parties have the satisfaction of knowing that there are enough funds available with the concerned party to carry out a particular deal.


What is the Best transaction-funding Method?

Every investor is looking to seek maximum profit out of his or her real estate transactions. In the real estate business, the term “transactional funding” is widely and commonly used but not always for the same reason. In transactional funding sometimes a wholesaler purchases the property with the end-buyer’s money. By using this technique, he does not use his own money but instead makes his profit from the “left-over” end buyer’s funds.   Some closing agents call this process illegal but it is illegal only in the sense that the closing agent’s title insurer will not allow it.  It is always legal if both the seller and buyer are disclosed about terms of the transaction.  The issue is that the buyer and seller will both be able to see the profit the investor is making on the deal.

Free Real Estate proof of funds letter

Generally, it is believed that private sellers do not ask for Real Estate proof of funds letter, but what if your private seller asks you for a proof of funds? To avoid such issues and hindrances, it is best to have your proof of funds letter already in your hands. After comprehending the importance of proof of funds, you should always acquire these services from the best service provider. Our company has mastered the services of providing proof of funds letters. By locating your proof of funds letter, you can accomplish best transnational funding in your real estate business. Our superb service is our standard is the industry and our only way of working. Quick response from our company will help you in funding your deals on short notice and possibly even during the last minutes of your closings.

Some Real Estate Proof of Funds letters provided by non-lending companies generating their letter by manipulating their bank statement using the PDF editor and it may fool their sellers.  But they are setting themselves up for potential fraud charges and at least a great deal of embarrassment when they are caught.  We, on the other hand, believe in doing things right so you can be sure our plan of action will avoid you having disastrous end results. Sometimes when you make an offer with a fraud transactional funding proof of funds letter, the situation gets worse. In such cases, a savvy seller will ask for an original bank statement, as they already know about fraud in the transactional funding. Thus, to be on the safe side, make offers with the best service provider instead of making your own fraudulent proof of funds or by using a scammer funding company.

Where to get Real Estate Proof of Funds letter?

So, if you are still confused in comprehending where to get your proof of funds letter, then this is the time to make the best move. Gain access to your free proof of funds letter, from the best Real Estate transactional  Our simple requirements can save a lot of your precious time and money and ensure that your efforts do not go to waste. Gets our Letter of Credit proving that you are capable of getting into the deal. This letter will be generated within a very quickly after you apply. All our personalized services are just a click away from you. Fill the simple form by providing your confidential information and before submitting it just review our terms of policy to avoid any misunderstanding.


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When Should You Request a Proof Of Funds Letter From Your End-Buyer?


Usually a real estate proof of funds letter is associated with an investor getting a contract with a seller. But what happens after you get your deal under contract and you become the seller?  You are now in the same situation as your original seller wanting to make sure your buyer has the money to close timely.

What if your end-buyer uses a hard money loan to purchase your property? This is not a cash transaction as the buyer had indicated when you and he signed your Purchase Contract. This can lead to the possible loss of the deal and even your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) if your buyer doesn’t close.

Hard money lenders are notorious for not closing at the very last minute and often the day before or the day of closing. This can happen because of the “Predatory” nature of some hard money lenders or because a title issue has emerged at the last minute.

What you should be doing is asking for a Proof of funds letter from your end-buyer BEFORE you sign a contract with him. If he then admits that he is a getting a loan you now have a serious decision to make, “Should you do the deal with him and hope it closes or go with another ‘real’ cash offer?”

This choice may not be simple if you don’t have other offers but there is another option with this first end-buyer. That option is to make sure he is serious about the purchase by requiring he put up a larger Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for at least 3 to 5 times your EMD with your original seller.

If he says “no” you have a dilemma on your hands that is best resolved by finding a serious buyer in a short time. Seek out the help of other wholesalers for buyers. Often these buyers will play on their purported “reputation” in the industry. If they try this ask for referrals and check them out!

This practice of inducing a newbie investor to accept a contact and then “renegotiating” it at the last minute is a common practice in Black Hat Wholesaling. I hope it never happens to you but you can be assured it will the longer you are in the business.

In some cases these unscrupulous individuals will actually go around you to your seller and tell your seller that they are the real buyers and you are a fraud and to do business with them.

Unfortunately this scam works all too often but there are remedies for this problem. Be careful out there and have a “long memory” for these criminals!