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Transactional Funding Lenders Rates Will Vary Depending On The Lender!

Below Is A Detailed List Of

13 Transactional Funding Lenders Comparison of Rates and Terms

Who Provide Transactional Funding!


Dear fellow real estate investor:


The following information on transactional funding lenders is believed to be accurate and was derived from the transactional funding lenders websites or other sources indicated below.  It should not to be considered absolutely reliable as transactional funding lenders can change their lending guidelines at any time. You should check before you make any decision to fund your real estate transactions using any of the indicated providers.  Some say they will lend in any state while their information contains limitations on the states where they actually loan.


I made this compilation because I wanted to use transactional funding and found some of the websites and information from these funders to be inconsistent and outright inaccurate.  More than one of these transactional funding lenders claim to have the lowest rates in the country; their rates are even competitive with others in the industry.


I listed the data in the order of the minimum flat fee that each lender requires.  As you will see, actually has no fees on certain sized transactions and the overall lowest fees in the industry.  I know people who used them and I have been told their service is exceptional.  However, at this time they only loan in Florida.


If you find any inaccuracies in the following data, please let me know and I’ll gladly correct it.


R. Weg

Real Estate Investor





Doc Prep Fees

Time for Approval



Documents Needed*


Free for first $50,000* 50.1k -$300k


$300.1k to $1kk


$1.1kk+ – 1%


12 Hours after Funding Request Received





$1,000 minimum

below $50,000 and 2% up to $250,000,

3% over that

$495 per deal

48 Hour Minimum


Funding Request

Lex Levingrad

$1,250 minimum  2% + $495   and increasing above $100k

Could be Other Costs

Must be contacted 7 days prior to approval


Not sure other than an Application

Lima Capital

$1,500 minimum

1.75% on all amounts


Not indicated


Funding Application


$1,750 minimum

1.5% to 2% of all amounts,

$395 Fee

48 Hours


Funding Request


$1,800 minimum

to $90,000

Over $90K

$495 to $695

Not indicated


Funding Application


$1,895 minimum

to $100k

Up to $1KK = 2% to 3% of loan





3 business days


Funding Request,

Membership Application

(Appears to be an affiliate or owned by TransactionaL above)

$1,895 minimum

to $100k

Up to $1KK = 2%

$399 or


Annual for a POF

24 Hours


“for best service”

Funding Request,

Membership Application


$2,000 minimum

Up to $115,000

$115,001 – $200,000 – 1.75%

Over $200,000 case by case


Per Deal

24 Hours


Funding Agreement

$2,500 minimum to $125k, then 2% plus processing fee


Not indicated


Funding Application


$3,000 minimum

to $70,000

3.5% all other amounts


Not indicated


Funding Request


Varies by State, call for details

Call for Details

24 – 48 Hours


Application Fee $49.00 plus

Funding Request

No information available – must make application to site before any is given out.



*The Free $50,000 is for the tri-county area of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

**Yes – Membership Fee varies from $14.95 to $99.95 per month


Please note all lenders can change their rates at any time because of the constant market changes!

Always check the rates being offered the day of your transactions.

Heritage Realty Services, Inc.


Following is a fee schedule of the current funding costs that are available through Heritage Realty Services, Inc. (“HRS”) to Florida residents who are using our pre-approved closing agents:

                                                   Rates for Transactional Funding:

$10,000-    $50,000                  FREE **

$50,001-    $300,000               1.5% (1 1/2 Points)

$300,001-  $1,000,000            1.25% (1 1/4 Point)

$1,000,001+                              1.0% (1 Point)

**  ( Only with our Preferred Closing Agents ) Otherwise 2% with a minimum or $500

Note – no additional fees are required by Heritage Realty Services, Inc.


For Example:


Amount of Transactional Funding (A – B leg)

Cost of Funding*


*FREE with our Preferred Closing Agents, otherwise a flat fee of $500










Available throughout Florida only with Preferred Agents of Heritage Realty Services, Inc.

*Closing agent may charge wire fees, doc prep or other fees – check with the closing agent before your actual closing to see if any of these fees apply.  Above fees apply only to a closing agent of our choice who does both the A – B and B – C closing transactions simultaneously.  It may be possible for one our Premier Closing Agents to close the B – C leg while another closing agent closes the A – B, however, these transactions must be approved at least one week in advance and additional fees may apply. 

(The fees noted above are subject to change without notice, see additional requirements on the terms and conditions page)

Any questions, contact us at 954-274-1003


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